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Scared of Pregnancy from Pre-Cum 1st Day After Period

My girlfriend has an really irregular period, 3 month cycle. One of her tubes is solid and the other is too small to allow an egg passage. This makes attempting to determine fertility days hard. From what I know, semen can still travel to the egg however. Her period lasted from Tuesday, the 18th, to Friday, the 21st. We both got heated and I inserted into her twice, one 3 inches and the other 6 inches. Normally I have pre-cum, but, I did not check so I am not sure. On Monday, the 24th, she was complaining of dizziness, cramps, and headaches. I did not believe she was until she expressed these complaints.

I know there is the slightest chance of pregnancy with these circumstances: pre-cum, a 3 month cycle, the insertion the 1st day after her period, one tube allowing semen(maybe), unsure fertility days, common signs, and small insertions.

Should I be worried from hearing her complaints?

What are the chances she is pregnant in this scenario?
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replied June 25th, 2013
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LotsOfQuestionsHere ,

The chances of your girlfriend being pregnant are extremely small.

Though only one sperm actually fertilizes an egg, it actually takes and millions millions of sperm to get the job done. There is no such thing as getting pregnant from "one lucky sperm". It is just not possible.

In fact, when a man's sperm count drops below 20 million per cc, he is considered to be functionally sterile. And again, one sperm cannot, by itself, cause pregnancy. These stories were made back when it is thought that only one sperm could cause pregnancy (back in the 50's). But, it is not medically known that it takes thousands of sperm, all releasing their enzymes to break down the barrier on the outside of the egg (corona radiate). One lonely sperm does not have enough enzymes to breakdown the barrier on its own, it needs a lot of help.

Having intercourse on the day after a woman's period also makes pregnancy less likely. While it is true that, in very rare cases, pregnancy can occur at anytime during a woman's cycle (including during menstruation), it is very unlikely to become pregnant the day after the menstruation ceases.

Of note, you state, “…One of her tubes is solid and the other is too small to allow an egg passage. This makes attempting to determine fertility days hard...”, actually the size of your girlfriend’s Fallopian tubes has nothing to do with determining her most fertile days. Usually, a woman is most fertile a few days after the midway point between her periods. But, with a 3 months cycle, there is not a really good way to determine when she is most likely fertile. In some women, Mittelschmerz pain will signal when they are becoming fertile. This is a pain in the pelvis/side, when the woman ovulates (when the egg is released from the ovary). But, again, the size of her Fallopian tubes really has nothing to do with the ability to determine when she is fertile.

However, if you are correct, that both of her tubes are completely blocked, then she is “infertile”. She has basically had a “tubal ligation.” You state that one tube is “solid”, so that means that it is scarred shut. The other is “too small to allow an egg passage”, so since the egg is microscopic, that means that this tube is also totally blocked. However, she needs to be very certain that her tubes are totally blocked, before relying on this as a birth control method.

So, again, it is very unlikely that she is pregnant. But, if you do not desire an unwanted pregnancy, you need to use protection (condoms) every time you insert your penis into your girlfriend.

Good luck.
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