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scared of being a mother

im 22 weeks pregnant. is it normal to hate my baby already? i do not want to be a mother. i want to carry on with my own life. but my family is against adoption and abortion. they want me to pursue parenting. the babys father left me. i just dont know what to do. ive never even held a baby before. i avoid children. i dont know how to interact with themm. i just want to have my own life, and this baby is just going to get in the way. is it normal to feel this way? i feel to hateful and guilty, but i cant help it. sometimes i think about suicide. i hate the way i feel. i have several pregnant friends, and they all seem so happy. i feel like im the only one whos angry about becoming a mother.
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First Helper hannmtjoo

replied September 4th, 2011
hey there stressful girl!!

take a deep breath and hate the little one for the reasons people usually tend to hate its nothing you are doing is out of this world.but trust me the feeling will gotta do following things:

1. Wait till you actually see him/her and hold those tiny hands in your hands.the connection made then will change your thoughts.

2.did you conceived your baby,outside marriage?thats indeed a big problem.its a great sin and calls Gods wrath.He forbids to do things that are intially jus happiness and pleasure and later turn into jus hatred and agony? can you not see it already.its time you repent!! and submit to him the way he wants it and to know that you have to search for the truth! there are many religions and thats why many concepts of God,but only one can be true!! look for it.

3.i know you might not want to get into the religious debate,but this is Gods world,me made us and in his world wil lti be the wise thing to follow his ways...he is full of love,not like the people he has made.once you learn to love him truly,you will never be stressed again.will never feel alone Smile

4. it was not the baby`s fault that he/shes making his way to this planet!! please do not pay him for what he never did!

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replied September 6th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
1. Have you spoken to your midwife your family doctor about how you're feeling? They can give you advice and support.

2. Don't let your family dictate what you do with YOUR baby. If you don't want to keep your baby then you shouldn't have to. They should support you no matter what.

3. What did you decide to do in the end? Going by your post, you are either very close to delivery or have had your baby.

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