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Scared for my Mum

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Basically I'm scared my Mum might have cancer - specifically lung cancer.

She's 71 and though not in great shape, she's certainly well and bright. She smoked for at least 50 years that I know of. Recently I've become aware of several things that are concerning me. I'm built like my Mum and we're both overweight, yet the last couple of times I've seen her (over about 4 months), she dropped a noticably large amount of weight. Not in a "Oh my goodness you look well" way, but in a "Oh dear, are you ill?" kind of way. She's lost her apetitie, which is not like her at all. She's an early riser like me, yet recently she's sleeping more and stays in bed till mid morning (this is NOT like her). She's worn out through the day. She's had a hacking cough (more so than a smokers cough) for a while now and her G.P thought she might have pleurisy. She does seem to be more phlegm-y than normal. For about a month now, she's had a large swelling on the right side of her neck - under her ear down to where her shoulder meets her neck.

She had an X-Ray, but as far as I know she's not had the results. Her GP then put her in for a CT scan which she had yesterday and today her GP said that the lump on the side of her neck needs a biopsy.

I work in a health library so I'm searching for info on these symptoms and now I'm worrying myself sick.I'm getting the impression something is going on but she won't say and I have no experience of this kind of thing.

Am I reading too much into it? Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated x
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