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Dear doctor,

Please find my scars photo in profile picture.

There are three scars on my left hand.

I had cut them with the blade 6 years back in 2004. After this i got married and in april 2009 i had a scar revision surgery.
Doctor adviced me to go for only two at that time and later on he will do the middle one. So, The middle one which is a bit fade is without scar revision surgery.

After surgery it was a thin line like a fine hair but few days after it starts increasing the size and now it is not flat nor thin and reddish in color.

Doctor gave few injections on scars in every three weeks to make these two scars flat but nothing work. Moreover, Doctor also suggested me to wear the silicon Gel sheet inside the wrist band. I worn it for few months but it did'nt work too.

Then later on he said that your skin is making extra tissues and we will not go for the middle one surgery.

Now the both scars are worst then the middle one (old one) and looks very ugly. I am too much worried about it and very unhappy with my scar revision surgery.

Please suggest me any solution because i am feeling lack of confidence due to this problem.
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replied February 15th, 2010
I am not a doctor but I know that some people are more prone to scarring and keloid formation than others. It appears that you are one of those people. Rather than improving the look of your scars, the procedure just put you back to square one. You will have to let time pass before the two scars fade again.
If you repost your question in the Ask A Doctor section, you will get an answer from a doctor.
Good luck.
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