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scaphoid? Fell of a bike in a collision

Fell of a bike in a collision and when I was up, one hand was hurting a lot. Went to a doc that day, my hand was examined for broken bones but he couldnt find any and no x-ray was taken. Although, my pain was rather diffuse around my thumb. Almost a week later the pain is concentrated to the scaphoid bone and not further up the hand. The pain comes and goes, some hours I feel very little, other times it's shooting up the arm. When I touch it it is very sore and if I let the hand hang down its uncomfortable. I can't see the snuffbox on the hand because its swollen and bruised but I do feel some pain but I'm not sure if it's the bruising that hurts. The pain is however not so bad that I need painkillers but I'm very confused because the pain comes and goes and the doctor didn't find anything broken. I do have a visible mark from impact right on/above the scaphoid however and I did not say that I had pain there, rather further up.
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