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Scan result empty uterus and not ectopic

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I need to share this with all of you in this forum. I was on the pill for 3 years after the birth of my baby. In 2008 I experienced PMS(before and after) period, so I stop taking the pill in August 2008. the PMS also stop and I see my period regularly for 4 month until in 2009 I started experiencing delayed Periods.The Doctor said to be patience it regulate on its own. In July, I missed and also had Pregnancy symptoms, the test was positive I was happy to be having another baby. But then, the pain in my lower abs was sharp so, I had to see my gynecology for a scan to ensure the baby is OK. The scan result was painful. (normal sized empty uterus with thickened endomentrain lining, left cystic adriexal mass measuring 2.9 cm) forgive me for not spelling some of the stuff right. the Doctor writing is terrible.

He said I had go in for an Ectopic which was very scary for me.. but I underwent an surgery just to discover that it was'nt an ectopic but a cyst which they removed on the 24th of July 2009. I continued having a positive with all the symptoms. My Doctor for special PT called HCG in dilution on the 28/8/09 the result is (HCG -1:2 dilution, positive). but afterward in 10/09/2008 I did a home pt and its still positive thought the symptoms has gradually left. now two weeks ago I did another pt and it is negative. i intent to do another one today.

With all this incidence do you think I can still get pregnant?, I am yet to have a period apart from the bleeding three days after the surgery. I dont know what to categories the diagnosis.
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