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Scalp pain & peeling skin on palms

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My daughter is soon to be 15, and she has had both conditions now for almost 3 years. Her scalp constantly hurts, and in the past, when she washed her hair, it alleviated some of the pain. It thought it might be because she wore her hair in a ponytail at times, and when she comes home, but it even hurts when it's down. She's gone without the ponytail many times, and it has no effect on the scalp pain. I've noticed she has what looks like some small patches of hair loss above the temple area - you can't see it when her hair is down and now her long hair is getting much thinner.

After her shower or washing her hands, she gets a white area in her palm with peeling skin. She doesn't get it anywhere else on her body, and it is really noticeable (pruny looking like when you've been in chlorine water in a pool).

She was diagnosed with lyme disease a month ago, and I am wondering if any of these symptoms might be related. One mom told me her daughter had a painful scalp with lyme. In Jan 2009, she had a positive lyme test, but the pediatrician wanted to do another test a month later since there are a lot of false positives. The following month it was negative, and I asked if she could be put on antibiotics just in case, since I read there are also a lot of false negatives. She wouldn't do it.
In April, my daughter was so unfocused and couldn't concentrate, that i took her for psychological testing to make sure something else wasn't going on, but she did well. I should have asked for another retest for lyme at that point or the pediatrician should have volunteered it since she knew i was spending a fortune in other testing. But no..

By fall of 2009, my daughter had hip pain, knee pain and her right ankle was swollen (this is what happened to her in December of 2008 and why we went to get tested for lyme in Jan 09!). She brushed it off and said my daughter needed to see an orthopedist. Off we went to him, and he suggested a lyme test. I had the pediatrician copied on the test. The pediatrician called and said it was lyme (i got a copy of the test and for sure it was - same results as last jan 09) and so she ordered antibiotics. The "not so smart assistants" (shall i say) in the orthopedists office called back and said "oh, sorry, wish we had an answer, but your daughter doesn't have lyme disease." I was furious and told them they had better go to school and learn how to interpret test results, and that not only did she have lyme, but she's been on antibiotics a week. That is why it is wise to always have a minimum of 2 dr's copied on all bloodwork (and get yourself a copy too) to make sure there are no errors in reading it.

So far some of the pain has dissipated and my daughter still has another 2 weeks left on the doxycycline. The pediatrician said they only retest if symptoms are still there, but I insisted she be retested either way as there has been too much damage already.

I am going to try and locate a decent dermatologist where I am (but most charge a fortune if they are outside the insurance plan so I'm not covered; also many have stopped taking insurance).

Thanks for any responses...
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replied January 17th, 2010
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After dealing with many hair and skin problems, my best advice is to get to a very qualifed Dermatologist...Get some references...Try to get past the Physician's Assistant and see the doctor...Primary doctors are wonderful, but at times specialists are worth their weight in gold...Good luck...

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replied January 17th, 2010
Scalp pain & white, peeling skin on palms of my daughter's h
Thank you Caroline...i'm in the process of doing that now...
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