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scalp growth on 11 year old, resembles ground beef...

hello. my daughter is 11 and i have recently discovered a growth on the back of her scalp. it is a dime size and it resembles 3 things. it resembles a wart, a tiny brain, and also ground beef. im trying to describe it as best as possible. it does not have a soft surface at all, but rather it looks like what i described. the color is light brownish/grayish. i dont know exactly how long she's had it because she just recently told me. i asked her about how long she has felt it there and she said weeks, maybe months. the reason she says she never told me is because about 4 years ago, a brick fell on her head and she got staples to close the she assumed the growth was an old scab from that accident. the laceration happened around the same area where this growth is, but i dont know if it is right on top of the old wound, or if has anything to do with it. do cancerous growths on the scalp resemble warts or the descriptions i mentioned? i took her to her pediatrician but he said to wait 2 weeks and keep an eye on it and just rub baby oil on it to soften it but i dont feel very confident about that. any information will be appreciated
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replied October 12th, 2012
Mole on childs head that looks like wart or something
My son has the same mole on his head . We went to dr. its harmless can be removed. Will get bigger. My sons has worried me for awhile had it check twice. Both dr agreed it wasnt anything to worry about. Trying to convince my son 12 to get it removed he is scared. Noticed the hair is turning a lighter shade around it now. Dr assured me its not cancer and not to worry but as a parent I will continue to try to have him feel comfortable to have it removed. It bothers me more than him. Been there for a few years .
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