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scaley sores and brown raised bumps with horn like cysts

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I had surgery for sever Actenic Keretosis, recently and now I have two small bumps under the scar. I also got liquid nitrogen treatments and I still have Actenic keretosis. Some of them healed and some didn't. The doctor wants to give me some cream, later, to cover more area, on my face, in December but I'm afraid of the cream. I'm allergic to sunscreen so I have a chemical free sun block with zinc oxide but it hurts when I rubb it on, one place. I don't know how to keep the sun out when I'm driving. I put some clear duck tape on the driver side window. I use alot of aloe vera, anything else?
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replied October 14th, 2011
cannabis oil
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replied October 16th, 2011
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Hi ltraveler and welcome to ehealth: Talk with your Dermatologist about what to put on your skin...You really don't want to fool around with something that may cause more problems...Take care...

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