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Scabs on penis

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as of a couple weeks ago I was engaged in intercourse, condom popped without me knowing and I was inside for a while unprotected. Later on I experienced pain while urinating and discharge and the next day I went to the doctor and got treated for what he claimed was Chlamydia (note he did no testing).Over the course of the next 3 days I formed 3 bumps on my penis (not particularly close) which within a couple days they turned black and are now scab like. I had went to the same doctor and he flat out told me It was Herpes(once again, no testing),and gave me valtrex; yet its not a huge outbreak, my bumps never bursted, I experienced no pain or burning and the bumps I had were never itchy red or anything of what herpes is known for, do you know of any other possibilities of why I could have these scabs?
I had also informed my partner who has had 2 partners before me and was clean of this and she claimed that she does not have herpes, and took the news very harshly when I told her she may have it
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