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Scab on leg

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I have this mark on my leg, larger than a pencil eraser, which has not gone away in at least 6 months. It started off as a scab which was an odd dark red in color, but not large in size. My mother was worried so she squeezed it and it bled out - nothing else - just blood. So it healed over, and now it's almost concave in shape. The top is scaley and it's red in color. It has faded significantly, but is still there. Should I be worried?
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replied February 27th, 2009
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Scab that stays for so long need medical attention.
See a dermatologist, and she/he will determine if this is a skin ulcer, infection, dermatitis, or something else.
Small scaling spot, especially in children, could be a case of psoriasis.

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