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Saving a Marriage Destroyed by Bi Polar

I was recently diagnosed bipolar after my wife and family discovered my secret drug addiction and severe alcoholism. I lied to my wife for a long time about staying late at work. I was at work but partying not working as much. I never cheated on her, but she doesn't really believe that. I have put us into major financial difficulties. I could lose my business and the house we bought together the first year we were married. She has bought a new house so that the kids don't get uprooted quickly and to give them time to adjust. She seems to give mixed signals on getting back together. She has told me she is still angry and not sure if she wants to try and work things out, and then she says she wants to move on with life. We have been married 8 yrs and best friends for 15. I get really depressed thinking about not having a chance to show her how I am sober, and treating my bipolar as best I can. What should I do to get her to try and work things out. I don't want her to forgive me overnight but I am hoping couples counseling, and taking it slow will lead to a continued marriage. Any Advice?
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replied January 8th, 2009
Partner whow and hell told you that you are BI-P
Your are and addictive person, nothing to be ashamed of! BI-P is and excuse! partner stand up and tell your love you are getting help through therapy with people that are the same "me as well" show your love and take the steps, screw the Mind drugs that just dope you out! go for health and fitness it's amazing, but takes desire and drive! |No easy way my friend, the easy way is doping your mind. stand up partner and take responsibility for your actions, your are not sick in the head, just lost!

Best of Luck Frank
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