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Sauerkraut you say?

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I have had many years of intense stomach pains, so I have been to many doctors, naturopaths and such. I have had test after test run, everything seems to come back inconclusive! Mad
My list of ailments would be shockig and I won't go into them, but a couple years ago I was dealing with infertility and I was recommended to this Doctor that did things a little differently. My sister in law saw him for some fertility and stomach stuff too. He recommended that she eat sauerkraut, just a scoop a day and it should clear up her stomach problems. After 3 months of eating it she noticed a big difference, she continued for 2 more years.
After being fed up with everything I was trying and not having sucess with, she recommended the sauerkraut, I gave it a try and literly with in 3 days I felt AMAZING!!! sunny
I have been taking a scoop after breakfast and before dinner everyday for a month now, and for all that pain I have been suffering with I am happy to say it's about 80% gone. I would suggest it to anyone, google sauerkraut benifits and read for yourself.
I hope this helps at least 1 person suffering from any type of stomach pains.
Good luck!
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