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Satisfaction of Mediterranean Diet

I am working on my wellness coaching certification and would like to get more information of this diet. I would like to find out 1) if people are happy with the results of this diet and 2) what was your experience like following this diet?
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replied January 17th, 2014
Mediterranean diet
The Basics of the Mediterranean diet, present especially in European countries and in the Mediterranean area, are based on the consumption of foods such as bread, fruit, vegetables, herbs, grains, olive oil, fish and wine in moderate quantities.
The Mediterranean diet has in it a "nutritional paradox", the people who habitually eat according to the dictates of this diet consume relatively large amounts of vegetable fat, but despite this, they have lower rates of cardiovascular disease than populations that consume higher quantities of animal fats.
The explanation seems to be that the amount of extra virgin olive oil used in the Mediterranean diet scales, at least in part, the fats of animal origin.
Olive oil seems to have the ability to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.
According to studies, the Mediterranean diet reduces mortality rate of 50% compared to coronary heart disease.
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