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Salty-tasting fluid leaking from nose !!

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For the past 5-6 years I have had this happen to me. It started out just once in a while, but now it happens every single time I bend slightly forward.Have been to see GP TWICE-first one said it was not a wonder that more people did not have this happen to them as she thought it was over producing tear-ducts. She gave me an Nasal spray which, as you might have gathered by me being on here,did not do a damn thing to stop it. Second GP said it could be my allergies and gave me nasal drops and Loratadine to take,again a total waste of time plus the nasal drops dried out the interior of my nose and made it crack,bleed and hurt like hell....the leak still stayed the same-continiously leaking!!-(and I have not suffered from my allergies for years anyway,in fact I have been "allergy-symptom-free" for round 4 years(thank goodness!)). So I am still at a loss as to what this is but more so How do I find out what this is so it can be stopped? It is affecting my job as I work in a hospital and everytime I bend over a patient....I LEAK...embarassing to say the least!!! Can someone help me solve this??

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replied March 14th, 2010
Hi Maureen

I am having the same problem, do you have a post nasal drip with it too? My GP has given me everything but nothing stops it. They said it was allergies too but there is no pattern to it at all.

Have you tried that saline solution that you put in your nose, it washes it out apparently, not sure what its called.
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replied March 29th, 2010
Cerebro spinal fluid
Check for CSF leak!
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