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Salivary Lymph Nodes swllen

It was a mysterious pain in my upper left jaw around my upper molar that led to being treated for TMJD for the last 8 months. . I have taken all kinds of medications, bite splints, physical therapy, exercise...the usual regiment of treatment. I do grind and clench my teeth and have had a history of doing such in the past and the occasional headache and pain. I am experienceing some constant pain that don't seem related to any of the TMJ stuff. Though maybe my crown and fillings were additive problems to my TMJ. Had crown and filling redone. I fear that there might be other things at play, but no Doctor has been able to tell me anything besides they can't find anything.

My upper teeth ache all the time. The submaxillary glands in my jaw are slightly swollen (although ENT evaluations have disregarded it). The skin on top of my frontal sinuses hurts. It's like I can pull the skin with my fingers and lift some of the dull aching pain off of my cheek bone. My sinuses don't hurt it is really the skin overlying the sinus (ENTS and CT scans and MRI have not found anything wrong with my sinuses). My neck seems to be getting sore. My skin on my face, nose, and scalp, have progressively lost sensation (heat, cold, touch) but I still have all motor functions. Headaches have been constant and have been very intense in back of head, neck, and face. Constatntly bad with some days that are very bad. I have been screened for tumors - nothing found. I just now started in the care of a good neurologist. I have been scuttled between many doctors over the past 8 months, with many of them dismissing me as an enigma and crazy. So far the only thing that has helped the headache pain in my cheeks and the headaches elsewhere has been exercise, sleep (or laying down). Anit-inflammatories don't seem to help much.
Whatever is going on i snow beginning to destroy my life.
Is there anyone that has experienced any of these symptoms? If so, What were diagnoses? Treatments? Failed treatments? Any lead on diagnoses?
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replied March 25th, 2008
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you should try neuromuscular dentistry. that is what finaly worked for me----ive had so many treatments. this was the one thing that helped. you should also look at trying chiropractic
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