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saliva on my penis

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Hello I'm new here & i'd like to know if I'm risk of getting an STD

So the other day, a girl gave me a handjob but at one point she spat on my penis & there was saliva on my penis & I wasn't wearing a condom, so I'd like to know can I catch an STD/HIV if a girl spits on my penis? she didn't suck my penis (blowjob) she just spat on it whilst giving a handjob.

Another thing too if the girl spits on her hand then gives me a handjob & if she rubs my penis with her saliva on her hand, will I get an STD like hepatitis or chlaymedia?

Basically my question is= Am I at risk of getting an STD if a girl spits saliva on my penis?

Thks for your help
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replied July 11th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
no u have nothing to worry about and btw, saliva is and has been the most used lubricant for sex on planet earth
good luck
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