I am 25 years old and unmarried. my breasts are saggy. my size is 32 C. but the right one is a bit smaller. 2/3 years ago my breast size was 34B. but dont know why the size is reduced and they are saggy now. please if anyone could suggest any exercise to tighten them. Google search did not help much. thank you.

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Asymmetrical breasts is common, often by as much as a cup size.

Do you have weight problems? Your breasts are mainly made up of fatty tissue. Repeated weight gain weight loss cycles can change them significantly. Sagging breasts are also part of the natural aging process. They are already 10 years older than when you first got them.

Exercises that exercise the supporting muscles can help a bit. Other than that,get fitted for some good quality well fitting bras, and make full use of that C cup breasts. Most women walk around with ill fitting bras. Getting a professional fitting can do wonders for your figure and self esteem.

The last option is plastic surgery, if you can afford it and are willing to take the risks.

Best of luck!
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