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Safety of a penis rings

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Hi, My husband has been on certain drugs for depression and anxiety, naming lexapro, and neulactil. As we have had some sexual dysfunction due to the drugs, although not completely he has started using a rubber penis ring. This seems to be working, as he is able to ejaculate a lot quicker then without. Is it safe enough to use for him, as one time he had some friction on his penis and it became bruised., also is the rubber safe for me.,or will any type of toxic material enter my vagina and cause an infection
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replied May 9th, 2012
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It should be safe IF...

1. It isn't something home made.
2. He takes it off shortly after sex (i.e. leave it on long enough to enjoy the afterglow, but don't keep it on all night.
3. You use some lube to avoid abrasions, etc...
(If he has bruising again, it's probably too small, try a different model)

As to your question about toxicity, you might want to google it or try a site like unapproved advertising and look up the actual materials used to manufacture the penis ring.

Basically there is NO rubber in these toys. They are made by the same companies which make vibrators and dildos. They have to be very conscious of the materials the use in manufacture as the products will be in repeated contact with some of our most sensitive(and therefore most vulnerable) parts.

Why/how do penis rings help/work?

A man gets hard because the penis becomes engorged with blood. For this to happen, certain blood vessels constrict so that incoming blood flow is greater than outgoing blood flow. The penis ring simply helps squeeze the base of the penis, further restricting outgoing blood flow. The result is an erect or harder penis. Some models have an enlargement on the top to help stimulate the woman's clitoris.

My advice, Be fearless, do what works and experiment!

Many multiple orgasms wished to you both!!!
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