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Safe to have sex during off week ?

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I've been taking the pill for 3 weeks now and I wanted to know could I get pregnant if my boyfriend and i have sex once my period is over and he ejaculates in me since I didn't take it for the whole week since I had my period. Will it still be effective and keep me safe? Or am I supposed to still take the pill when I have my period? Cause my friend told me that I don't take the pill when I have my period.

Also, when my period stops do I just take the pill once its done or do i take it from the day it shows? Cause my period is light and will probably end wednesday or thursday but the day i have to take it shows Friday
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replied June 15th, 2010
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JerseyGirl, you can have sex every single day as long as you keep on taking your pills as directed. That includes the week before you bleed, your bleeding week, the week after that and the weak that would have led to your ovulation if you did not use the pill. So every single hour of every single day of every single cycle.

Follow your pills. Take every single one and then start with the next pack. Do not skip pills. Do not care about when you bleed. The pills will force your body into its cycle after a few cycles. So one pill after the other, one pack after the other regardless of what your uterus is doing.

Also read the insert that came with your pills. Make sure you understand what to do if you are late taking a pill, or miss a pill and what medicines can affect the effectiveness of the pills. Remember to do your monthly breast self exam and do not smoke.

Also make sure you protect yourself from STDs.

Take care!
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