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Saddle nose

About four months ago I broke my nose after fainting onto a hard tile floor. I had a nasal fracture and it seemed everything was fine until after the swelling went down. Then I noticed an indent on the left side of my nose. From certain angle perspectives it seems as if I have a very deep saddle nose. The image of it disturbs me every time I look in the mirror. I really wish to rectify this problem, it has adversely affected my appearance. I just really want to know how this condition would be handled. I've been trying to understand my condition and would assume that perhaps cartilage is just out of place? It has been driving me mad, I'm suffering from a severe form of acne and halted on the Accutane after hearing about rhinoplasty deformities resulting from Isotretinoin. The problem is on one side of my nose, and I just need to fill that large indent. How much would procedure for this possibly cost?
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