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My marriage was awful. I finally got out of that a couple years ago, and found that dating has changed a lot since I last did it.

I met a guy online last year who seemed like a perfect match. We quickly became close friends, and he filled all the voids in my heart. He said he loved me and would always be there for me. He doesn't live close by but said he had the freedom to travel.

He's no longer there for me. He says he still loves me and misses me, but is too busy taking care of his elderly parents and can't get away.

I've been so busy being a working single mother with a house to take care of and an elderly parent of my own who's needing more and more help, I haven't had time to maintain close friends, so I don't have anyone to lean on.

I'm a good, honest person. I've always been there for my family and friends when they needed anything, but they haven't returned the favor.

I thought this guy was my "reward" for all the crap I've dealt with in my life, but he turned out to just pile on more pain and disappointment. It hurts like hell.

Are some people just not meant to be loved and happy?
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replied January 11th, 2017
Maybe try reaching out to your friends and/or family, try asking them for help, maybe just ask them to come over, not even to help you, just someone you can talk to. And I read a quote once "we accept the love we think we deserve" and maybe that's what you're going through. Maybe if you accept yourself more, you'll find better things and people in life. I am sorry if that was crappt advice, I'm pretty young. I just don't want anyone thinking that they don't deserve to be loved. I don't want people to feel like I feel, don't want them to go through the pain I'm going through. Everyone deserves to be loved
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