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Sad and alone i feel like i can find no help.

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I am very sad right now. I don't feel good at all. I want to kill myself. I think i'm crazy. I have a lot of friemds but i don't feel connected with them. I am posting this with a view to finding new friends and feeling less lonely. I started to feel this way when i person i love left me and now i don't see him anymore. I failed at a competition. I am doing very badly at school and i feel like i can find no help. I feel trapped. Please help me...
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replied January 3rd, 2014
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When things are going well in our lives, we feel good. This good feeling is nature’s way of telling us to keep doing what we’re doing. When our lives are not going well, we feel down or depressed. This is nature’s way of telling us to make some changes. It is extremely important to express your feelings and talk about events. This can be done with friends or with a counsellor. Look at the consequences of internalising or pushing down negative feelings. They go to memory which is in the subconscious mind.

In order to feel good, the following seven factors must be present in our lives:

- good nutrition
- fresh air
- sunshine
- physical activity
- purposeful activity
- good relationships
- adequate and regular sleep

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replied January 5th, 2014
Hang On...

I understand your feeling.
I am not a professional, but I have been through many tough times in my life, including horribly painful relationships and breakups. I have failed at the most important endeavor of my life. I can relate.

I have also learned a lot over the years and have a lot of insight to share into these tragic episodes and into life itself.

I think I can help. I would be happy to speak with you or chat with you. But again, I am not a professional, so if you feel suicidal, you should get intervention.

Please feel free to contact me.

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replied March 10th, 2014
Dear Friend,
I am here for you... We will not let you feel alone any more...
lookingforward hearing from you
Smile <3
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replied April 2nd, 2014
Hi Whydowelive, I am here for you. Please feel free to contact me. Get help and focus on your breath. We live for each other.
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