I am 20 years old and have found a small sack inside my scrotum about 3 years ago that isn't attached to either of my testicles. If it's squeezed, it feels like some liquid will move through something like a vein and back into some organ maybe intestines(not really sure) or something in the area around my belly-button (lower-chest). Once squeezed the sack will disappear when I'm laying down and then when I stand back up it comes back within 20 mins or so. I havent been to the doctor yet, but I need some ideas of what It might be so I can better explain it to the doctor. I looked it up about a year about and I found out exactly what It was but now I can't remember what it was called. Could you provide me with some possible problems, thanks!

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replied March 29th, 2009
Sack inside scrotum
It soulds like you have a variocele, Its like a varicose vein. When you lie down it goes away, when you stand up it expands. Mine is pretty big, but I just ignore it. When I was young it used to hurt, but it doesn't anymore. I have read that it may cut down on your sperm production, but that is only in certain cases, not everyone. Tell your Doctor, but don't worry about it!
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replied January 10th, 2012
I have this to, when i lay down it will vanish over time, then when i stand its right back. Feels like fluid is in it, mine is pretty big also. Is this sexually transmitted?
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