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Ruptured tympanic membrane, need advice on how to heal

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Good afternoon,

Over the weekend I had an injury which ended up rupturing my eardrum.
It was not excessively painful, however I did get some ocean water in there and causing me to get severely disoriented.

It has been 3 days I haven't had an infection or any painful experiences.

The only issue I have is that i feel my sinuses on the side of the head where the rupture happened are building up pressure, which causes a headache after a while.

I found that I can equalize by holding my hand over mouth and nose and slowly exhaling

During this I can physically hear and feel a stream of air coming through the tympanic membrane, although its not painful.

My questions are:

Should I just leave it alone and let it heal or do I need to seek medial attention? From my experience, doctors will just tell me to come back if there is any discomfort or infection, otherwise there isn't much they can do.

Should I find something to apply to the ear to prevent a chance of infection, or is the ear wax already enough to serve that purpose.

Should I not be equalizing pressure and just let it build up? I have been able to sleep, so it's not extremely problematic

I lost some hearing in the process out of the same ear, but it's been coming back slowly, is this normal with this type of injury?

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