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Ruptured disk between L3& L4, between L4 & L5, causing s

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I need help please. I need something different.

This is my problem: I can't twist my waist and I have lot of pressure in my damaged nerves in my back, because the nerves are pinched. This happen to me moving weight in one warehouse.

The bottom two discs, the center has been crushed, and no longer exists, so they are completely dark and thinner. Some of the pieces are floating in my spine and sometimes rub against a nerve causing pain. Also, because the disc space is shorter now, the nerves are being pinched, causing some damage to the nerves and more pain and strange sensations.

I cannot bend, twist, lift, push, pull, jump, or run. I have problems with lifting my left leg and foot to walk. I cannot carry more than 15 pounds. I do physical therapy, and do decompression therapy on an inversion table. I have had two spinal steroid injections that did not do anything.

Medications included morphine, OxyContin, Lortab, Ultram, Flexaril, Ibuprofen, Lyrica. I sometimes wear a brace to support my back. My last option is surgery. I am hoping for a medical breakthrough for something better. If the nerves are completely damaged, I will lose use of my bladder, legs and feet.

Diagnosis: ruptured disk between L3 and L4, between L4 and L5, causing sciatica.


What I want:
1- The nerves are being pinched. must remove the pressure.
2- Restore the damaged tissue/nerves.
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replied April 12th, 2012
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Does your physical therapist do anything for your hips? This can put a twist into your back and pinch the nerves from narrowed space.

Here are some maybe your physical therapist can look them up and help you with them:

1) "Counter stretch for the spine"
2) "Sitting knee pillow squeezes"
3) "Static extension on elbows"
4) You really, really need some type of hip flexor stretch such as:
"progressive groin stretch"

I realize your injury is very severe but maybe if you can get the muscles relaxed and the twist our of your back / hips, this can open up the space for the nerves and let the tissue heal.
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