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I'm just curious. I read that you take the first dose at the clinic, then they send you home with the second dose.

Is there only 2 doses? How long after the first dose do you take the second? How heavy is the bleeding and how do you control it?

Experiences will be helpful.
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replied June 8th, 2010
medical abortion
There are only two doses. the first that you take at the clinic. the second you take at home 24-48 hours after the first. the second is 4 pills 2 on each side of your mouth that you let dissolve by your cheek... It varies for everyone how long after it starts. the bleeding should be generally heavy and there are clots that come out that can be quite large. the bleeding should start within a couple hours, there will also be some intense cramping. as the second dose causes your body to expel the pregnancy (your basically going thru birth)

Now i am not an expert just someone who experienced it. After I took the second dose I experienced cramping right away. Within an hour or two I started bleeding. The cramping is intense, and while I was waiting for the bleeding got sick to my stomach. In the bathroom quite often, threw up twice and also had diarrhea which are side effects... The whole process lasted several hours (4-6) it was intense at times. but for me I was more comfortable being at home.
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