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Rotting death smell and swollen throat ??

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Im currently in Canada where i cannot get treated properly.
Im not sure if its the weather here that im not used to or something but i am from a warm country.
I have had a sore throat for a week or so and i have had a unbearable rotten meat smell from my nose and mouth since the second day of the sore throat.
My left tonsil feels like its wounded almost and now its spreading to my right side.
My ears when i swallow stings like a pressure from the inside out and hurts behind my ears.
My mucous was clear and its slowly getting darker to a green color, sometimes there is blood when I blow my nose or cough and yellow stuff possibly puss or something?
Sometimes i get feverish i had a very high fever when i first noticed the sickness. Sometimes i get hot and cold chills instead.
The swelling sometimes goes away after i eat or drink but then
comes back.
Every morning when i wake up its swollen worse to the point i can hardly breathe. also when i sleep ive been told that my snoring is choked and cut off because i cannot swallow so i 'drown' on it until i wake up and make an effort to swallow.
When i blow my nose the smell gets stronger and is in my mucous.
The smell is not just noticeable to me but my girlfriend wont sit next to me anymore...its like rotten meat.
At first when i thought it was just a throat infection i took an antibiotic called "APO-ERYHRO 250MG for *ERYTHROMID*" that my girlfriend had in the house because of her past throat infection. Also some painkillers ibuprofen.
I Gargled salt water, whiskey, tee tree oil, tried to drink some really spicy soup and noticed spicy and hot things helped me momentarily breathe and swallow and i drank coke-a-cola and strangley that made it better for a few hours also but it only worked once
Sorry for the graphic description but im very worried.
thank you for your time.

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