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Role of Homeopathy - Balanitis

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Balanitis is an inflammation of the glans (head) of the penis. It usually causes redness and/or a blotchy rash on the glans, sometimes with a discharge. The condition may be itchy or uncomfortable but often feels completely normal. Homeopathy offers good and effective treatment in balanitis.

Risk Factors
Risk increases with the following factors:
Diabetes mellitus
Poor body hygiene
Allergy to chemicals in clothing, contraceptive cream, or condom latex
Reaction to certain drugs
Trauma or minor injury to the foreskin and penis
Presence of foreskin
Sexual partner affected by vaginitis
Being very obese
The inflammation is a reaction to infection (most common cause), injury, or irritation of the penis. Sometimes the cause is unknown.
These risk factors and causes can be effectively controlled by the doctor using homeopathic medicines.
Clinical Features
Tenderness, redness, itching, and swelling of the head of the penis
Inflammation of the foreskin
Unable to retract foreskin (phimosis)
Discharge from the penis
Burning during urination (rare)
Homeopathy plays a vital role in treating these symptoms. Regular homeopathic treatment ensures long-lasting relief from these symptoms.
Preventive measures
Wash daily with soap and water and wash after sexual intercourse. Clean carefully under the foreskin.
Control diabetes or other medical conditions
Weight loss for obese males
Use a latex condom during intercourse to help prevent infections

Homeopathic Management

Homoeopathy is scientific form of treatment and therapy which offers time-tested remedies for different diseases. It takes into account the cause and nature of the illness and their presentation in the patient. Treatment is started after careful study, analysis and evaluation of symptoms.
Homoeopathic doctor studies the case first and asks specific details about the cause and character of the disease.
The further step is to find a suitable remedy which matches the symptoms. Homoeopathic doctor treats different people with different remedies as their personalities are different.

Mainly three types of remedies are given for treatment, namely:
Acute Remedies: Acute remedies are remedies given to treat acute and recent symptoms of the patient. In Paraphimosis, acute remedies are mostly prescribed to treat agonizing complaints like swelling and pain.
Constitutional Remedies: They are remedies used to treat the constitution of a person i.e. his mental, physical and emotional sphere and are widely used to treat chronic and lifestyle disorders, treating recurrence of complaints and promoting life-long health.
Intercurrent Remedies: Such remedies are given when a miasmatic block is seen in the patient i.e. when the condition of the patient is not improving and the patient is not showing signs of relief as expected by his physician.
Homeopathy does not treat the disease but treats the diseased individual. It deals with the person suffering from the disease and not the disease per se.
Homeopathic Treatment treats balanitis without any side-effects. ‘Acute Remedies’ are given to combat sudden, acute attacks and brief episodes.
‘Constitutional Remedies’ are remedies selected upon the patient’s genetic and mental make-up, personality and lifestyle.
‘Intercurrent Remedies’ are remedies which are given if there is no further improvement in symptoms.
Homeopathy is an individualized form of treatment and therapy.
As every person is different from each other, the disease picture obtained will also be different. Hence, each person will have his own characteristic symptoms besides the symptoms of the disease.

Homeopathic treatment offers relief from agonizing complaints like tenderness, redness and swelling and is thus effective in treating balanitis.

Thus homoeopathic medicines taken regularly with hygiene give total relief for the distressing complaints of balanitis.
Also, they are without any side-effects and are not habit-forming. They should be taken only after consultation from a homoeopathic doctor.

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