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“Arthro” means “joint” and “itis” means “inflammation”. Arthritis is a medical condition manifested with inflammation of one or more joints. There are more than 100 types of arthritis. Arthritis is mainly a disease seen in elderlies, but children may also get affected in some types. Arthritis is more commonly affect women than men.

The causes of arthritis depend upon the type of arthritis. But,
1.Arthritis is mostly result of degenerative changes, so advanced age is a major cause
2.Autoimmune diseases
4.Local trauma
5.Injuries to the adjacent structures like tendons, etc.
6.Recurrent infections
7.Abnormal metabolism
8.Low immunity
9.Other associated medical conditions

Additional causes mentioned by Ayurveda (these causes also differs according to type)-
1.Excessive intake of dry, hard, light food stuffs
2.Ingestion of cold food and drinks
3.Extreme indulgence in sexual activity
4.Excessive physical and mental stress
6.Direct and more exposure to cold atmosphere (air conditioning)
7.Intake of incompatible food

According to Ayurveda joints are the place of kapha dosha. This kapha dosha serves as a lubricant. This will maintain the normal functioning (movements) of joints. When, vata gets aggravated due to above causative factors then, it results in the imbalance in kapha dosha also. This leads to impaired lubrication of joint cavity and breakdown of cartilages. This forms disease condition called as Arthritis.

Common types of arthritis
2.Rheumatoid arthritis
3.Gouty arthritis
4.Psoriatic arthritis
5.Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE)

Symptoms- (Symptoms also varies in each type- These are common symptom
1.Joint Pain
2.Joint Swelling
3.Restricted movements of the affected joint
4.Joint stiffness
5.Redness over the affected joint
6.Warmth around joint
7.Joint tenderness

1.On local examination we can find out following signs:
2.Local warmth
3.Redness over the affected joint area
4.Local tenderness
5.Fluid can be reveal on the local examination

1.Blood tests like CBC, ESR, Serum Uric acid, RA test, etc.
2.X-Ray of the affected joints
3.MRI Scan of affected joints

1.Joint stiffness
2.Reduced physical activity
3.Joint deformities

1.Eat all fruits and vegetables
2.Avoid eating too much oily or too much dry food stuffs
3.Take regular meals according to your hunger
4.Don’t suppress natural urges
5.Do regular exercise
6.Take adequate rest and proper sleep
7.Be Relaxed and don’t take stress
8.Avoid too much exposure to cold air
9.Do seasonal panchakarma procedures
10.Maintain your weight

Role of Ayurveda-
1.Arthritis is a medical condition which is manifested mainly as swelling and pain of the affected joint. This may interfere with day to day activity. So, there is a need for prompt treatment of arthritis.

2.Ayurveda has very good scope of treatment for arthritis.

3.Ayurveda has very good results in the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, psoriatic arthritis, etc.

4.Ayurveda treat the disease from its root cause. By this way the recurrence and intensity of the disease gets reduced.

5.Ayurveda has a special branch, called as Rasayana (Rejuvenation therapy). This rejuvenation therapy helps to delay the aging process. That means it delays the degeneration process in the body. This definitely prevents us from getting arthritis.

6.Ayurveda believes that the basic cause of the arthritis is imbalance of dosha, specially vata and kapha. Ayurvedic medicines first stabilize all the three dosha in their normal proportion. This is very essential factor to treat arthritis.

7.Ayurvedic treatment also aims to regulate the digestive fire. This will help to maintain normal metabolism. This is proved to be very effective part of the treatment in case of rheumatoid arthritis, gout, etc.

8.Ayurveda also have special group of medicines which act on rakta dhatu (blood). These medicines help to get rid of gout as well as psoriasis.

9.Ayurveda has certain panchakarma treatments (purification). These treatments help to remove disease from its root cause. This leads to complete and early relief from the disease. Ayurveda also mentioned seasonal panchakarma; by undergoing these therapies one can prevent himself from being diseased.

10.Ayurveda is a science of life. This not only treats the disease but also helps us to prevent the disease. Ayurveda offers guidelines regarding diet and lifestyle. One can achieve early relief or even get prevented from arthritis by following these guidelines.

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