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Roaccutane side effect - acute sore throat and swollen glands?

I started taking roaccutane 10 days ago and about 5 days ago I woke with the most painful sore throat and swollen glands that wont seem to go. Doc first thought it might be glandular fever, then tonsilitis but not all the symptoms are there to fit those viruses, and penicillan didnt work so its not a bacteria. I didnt think sore throat was really a side effect until I saw it posted on a few message boards by roaccutane users. Ive had the last 3 days off work because its so painful and the first day I noticed a very mild sore throat was the day after I started the course. And the last 2 nights Ive woken up around 2 and my tonsils and glands were enlarged but seems to get bearable the longer the day goes on. That fits with it being a reaction to the roaccutane in my mind because I took the tablet around 10pm.
I going to skip the dose tonight and see if the throat pain eases.
I phoned my derm and he said it wasnt related to accutane and probably was a virus but it does pop up quite a few times in searchs and my GP told me he read about this side effect with roaccutane.

Did any other users experience this? Did your body become accustomed or did it turn out to be a virus? How long did it last? Any info would be helpful. Any expert advice also appreciated. I could bear it if I know its a virus or temporary!
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replied June 11th, 2008
sore throat swollen glands
Hi, I was wondering if u found anything out on the problem u were having. Im on accutane and my throat recently has been sore and feels swollen but i dont feel sick at all.
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replied November 14th, 2016
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Same here, did you're sore throat go away once you stopped the accutane?
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