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Risk of testicular cancer from repetitive injury

I am gay. My partner likes to have his balls squeezed hard during sex. I have read that repetitive injury to any part of the body COULD cause cancer. We engage in this behavior 2-4 times a week. I suppose that what we are doing technically qualifies as S&M, but he is in control. How concerned should we be about the possibility of cancer. We have been together, in a committed relationship for 4 years.
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replied March 12th, 2015
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Ouch !!!! Your partner must have a high pain tolerance.

I would be far more worried about causing trauma and long term damage than about cancer. Repeated abuse hard enough to cause bruising, swelling, bleeding, prolonged intense pain lasting more than an hour or so, testicles hanging different or odd, or other signs of serious injury are more likely than cancer. Testicles can be ruptured if the hard outer casing is pressed or crushed hard enough. Rupture is an immediate medical emergency needing surgery to save the testicle from dying and amputation. The very delicate tissues in the scrotum and testicle cords and blood vessels can also be harmed from too much abuse or going too rough.

I assume you are both adults over 18 yrs old since you're been together for 4 years. If your partners wants kids in the future maybe he should freeze some sperm now for insurance against future troubles or loss from long term rough work on his testis.

Alcohol or drug use can impair both your judgements and his pain perception and lead to far too intense and damaging rough stuff while under the influence. You are both aware of how sensitive men's testis are and how important and absolutely vital their health is to maintain sexual desire, sexual ability, hormones, fertility, and virility in a man. Is it worth the risks to go so hard on his poor balls? Can't less intense handling give him the thrill without the danger of damage from hard abuse?

It'd be best to have you limit his desires and requests for intense hard pressure or abuse since in the heat of sex his pain perception can be impaired by excitement and hormones. You'll need to be the safety man and limit his play to safe and reasonable levels of roughness.

The long term affects can be unpredictable since different men have different degrees of pain tolerance and varying abilities to heal and resist permanent damage over long term rough handling. His pain tolerance will probably increase beyond normal limits over time and lead to more desire for rougher handling.

I'd use common sense and look out for him and try to limit and decrease his need and desire for real pain and try to replace it with more role play and fantasy in safer territory for his long term health and fertility.
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