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risk of HIV infection from needle poke

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I was recently at a party where people were shooting up oxycotin with needles. I was being pressured into doing it but I decided not to. They were sharing a spoon to crush and cook their drugs and were also sharing cotton filters. At one point someone loaded up a syringe for me but I told them i didn't want it because i wasn't sure the needle was clean. They then proceeded to take off the needle and push the drugs into the back of another syringe so that I would know that the needle was clean. I still didn't want to do it at this point but someone was showing me how they would shoot me up and had the needle very close to my skin and at one point i felt a poke. I am positive that i was poked by the needle but i couldn't find where and there was no bleeding. I told them that I didn't want to do it and eventually left the party. My question is this: If the water on the spoon was infected with HIV or any of the hepatitis viruses, what are the chances of me contracting these disease from a very shallow needle poke? The poke was somewhere near the very thin skin on the inside of my arm although I can't find where. I know i was poked because i felt a sharp poke but I'm sure it was very shallow if it didn't make me bleed and i'm not sure it got through the layer of skin but I am concerned because i know the skin is thin on the inside of your arm.
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replied August 28th, 2009
Community Volunteer Is this what the youth of today are doing for kicks?
I think you are safe but if you are worried then by all means,get tested.There are more diseases you can get from a dirty needle than HIV like hepatitis so go get tested if you are concerned..and get tested for all of them,not just HIV.
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