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rinsed really well and wiped...

So my boyfriend and I were having some time together. I gave him a handjob and he ejcaulated everywhere. But we had a towel and we wiped everything up. Then he wanted to finger me. So he took cold water from a water bottle (could of been warm, I don't remember) and rinsed really well and wiped with the same towel and his pants. Then he fingered me about 10 minutes later. Could I be pregnant? I think I ovulated monday and this was saturday. I've had cramps on the right side of my ovaries and all over. I felt dizzy or about 5 minutes last night. I felt sick yesterday morning and this morning. My hips have been sore but that could be because I hurt my back and I'm still in recovery so my back pains are very normal. Yet my breasts are the same color as usual and they are not sore. I feel allright right now though. Could I be pregnant?
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replied September 1st, 2011
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There is no chance you can be pregnant from what you are describing.

Please be careful when you play!
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