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Ringing in ears - chest congestion - short of breath

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I have had rigning in my right ear (feels clogged), clogged head, congestion in my chest, shortness of breath since last November. I have been to many Doctors (General, ENT, Allergist)on many occasions. I have been diagnosed along the way with inner ear infection, bronchitis, deviated septum + polyps in my nasal cavity + air pocket in my nasal cavity). Over the past 5 months I have taken many prescriptions and over the counter drugs - 4 rounds of Antibiotics, Mucinix DM, Preventil, Calritin D, Nasonex, MtehylPrednisolone, Singulair, Lortadine, Cortisone shot, Prednisone, Asmanex, Ventalin, Zylal, Sudafed.

I also had an Allergy blood test and Allergy skin test (allergic to dust, mold, grass, pet dander). My Asthma is under control per my Allergist.

I also had a chest x-ray,Nasal Cat Scan, EKG.

After all this my hope now is that all the symptoms are related to severe allergies and I begin allergy shots next week. I understand that it will take about 4 months before any relief. Has anyone else had similar symptoms? My quality of life over the past 5 months has been horrible I am shocked that I can not get any relief from the medications. Thanks for any input.

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