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Ringing, Clicking, and Popping in ears

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I wasn't sure where to post the question but I think this is the best fit. I am a 20yr old female and as far as I know I'm healthy. For as long as I can remember I've had this annoying clicking noise that happens when I swallow. It's not from TMJ because I can make the same noise without moving my jaw. When I yawn my ears sort of crackle and my right ear has a faint ringing in it, thought I can't hear it unless it's extremely quiet or I have my ear against something. As for the popping, I've noticed recently that my left ear has been popping on its own repeatedly. Maybe 2 or 3 short pops in a matter of 10 seconds. I can't do anything to stop it and I also have no control over when it happens. I don't recall having any bad ear infections so when the clicking started I was distraught. I remember actually crying at the doctors office trying to tell him what was going on. I really just have no idea what could cause all this.

I haven't been to more then 3 concerts and each time, with the except of one, I was always in the back and generally the loud ringing goes away after a day or so. This has me concerned because 1. upon visiting my family doctor a few years back he said I had fluid in my year and told me to my allergy medicine more regularly- this hasn't helped and still doesn't help. 2. My dad had an issue with his ear when I was younger that required surgery and has left him mostly deaf in that one ear. I'm worried that I might have what he had. Any input would be great!
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