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right testicle hurts

ok im Ryan and im 17 and i was i virgin but tonight me and my gf were having sex and about and hour and a half of sex she was done and so we were in my car and she was giving me oral sex and for some reason about another 2 hours later i could not cum at all. i even consentrated on it and tried everything to get me to cum and finally she had to go home and we started at 10P.M and ended at 1A.M. and i still havent cummed so i went home and tried to finish but still nothing and now bout and hour later my right testicle hurts for some reason but its not a bad pain, just enough for me to notice it is there......PLEASE need help!!!!!!!!
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replied January 30th, 2010
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ok... a few years ago i slept on my testicles wrong and when i woke up they ached, so im guessin that maybe u just got it squished... as for not cumming all of that time i read that girls when not completely comfortable or relaxed sometimes they wont orgasm... so maybe the same goes for some guys??? i hope it works out.
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