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right testicle biger then left and hanging down lower

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dear docter,

am 25 years old and untill now i didnt have any sexual relationships but i used to enjoy by my self the sex( as usual men's do).but , i was doing this like daily and somtimes 2,3 times per day. now, arround last one week, i was geting a pain in my testicles but i could not figure it out from which testical am geting it and my right testicle little bigger then my left side, it was normal as i heared and it was like that long time. but when i started to get this pain, i feel like, my right side testicle started to more biger then then left one and its hanging down little lower then before. when i touch it, i can fee that there is somthing little bit sweeling right next to my right side testicle. and still i can realise the pain.

i would like to know is there anything serious and should i need to consult a docter and is that threatning for my sexual life or for me.

hope you could asnwer for me on this.

waiting for your riply.
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