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right lateral disc protrusion at L4-l5

I had an anterior fusion of the L5-S1 disc on 1/14/08. Now nine months later i am still having alot of pain down my legs, hips and low back. My surgeon ordered another MRI. Here is the final assessment of the new MRI. there is an anterior fusion at L5-S1. The conus ends at the T12-L1 level. Bone mineral appears normal aside from some mild changes at the surgical site. I see no evidence of discitis or epidural abscess. the T12-L1,L1-L2,L2-L3 and L3-L4 levels all appear normal.The L4-5 level demonstrates a disc bulge with superimposed, right lateral disc protrusion. There is right neural foraminal narrowing at the L4-5 level. Questions: Is this new problem the cause of the pain I am experiencing? Does this mean another surgery is inevitable? I need some one to help with these questions, for my surgeon is booked up for the next two weeks. Thank You, MrPain1974
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replied October 3rd, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Sounds like it is possible that the new problem is causing the pain. whether is means more surgery is something that your doctor would have to answer for you.

You might ask your doctor, when you see him/her, if it is possible to try and ESI to the L3/L4 to see if that would help.
You might also ask if surgery is suggested, if just a laminotomy would be enough to relieve the disc bulge, the foraminal narrowing and also widening the area of the lateral recess.

It might be possible to do just do a laminotomy which would remove only small parts of the lamina.

I have had this done on both the L3/L4 and the L4/L5/SI. Far less extensive than a fusion and recovery is about 3-6 months for full recovery.

I don't know, though, if it can be done above a fusion that has already been done.

Good luck

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replied October 3rd, 2008
Fran, Thank You for the advice. It just gets so frustrating when you think you are healed, then something like this is told to you.I am only 34 with three children, one of them only three. i just feel so tied down . But on the other hand I can not live with this pain. thanks again, Mrpain1974
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replied January 21st, 2009
iam diagnosed with l1 l2 bulging and l2 l3 petrusion.
iam under medication for bulging and petrusion burt the pain sis not completely gone. one day i feel i am doing ok but the other i am down with pain. iam 29 years old and scared if this will continue to my life time. iam married for 3 years now and we do not have kids yet. we want to plan for kids but worried about this. sitting is painful than walking and standing. iam undergoing physiotherapy sessions but not sure if this will cure me. please let me know what to do and how to prevent this getting severe or bad in future.
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replied February 15th, 2009
lumbar spondylosis+PIVD
I had back pain, after some time I started getting pain in the right leg. It has become difficult to walk or stand for more than 2 minutes. MRI shows that I have " lumbar spondylosis+PIVD+posterocentral disc extrusion at L4-L5 level with associated liggamentum flavum thickening and facet arthropathy causing focal partial extradural block and compression on nerve roots with right propensity, Grade 2 posteriocentral disc protrusion at D12-Ll and L3-4level, Annular disc bulge at L5-S1 level, mild straightening of lumbar curve & small osteophyte formation.".
Can please advice do I have to for surgery for cure or Can I try any other method to over come this medical problem.
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replied February 16th, 2009
answer to your problems
hi everyone

i study chiropractic science, a lot of people are scared of this profession because they believe joints should not be "cracked" that we hurt people ( some chiros do just as some doctors and dentists), and that we only fix back pain. we are doctors of the entire human body trained to diagnose not just muskuloskeletal injuries but also other diseases , we are not doctors for nothing. we also read radiographs better then your GP, as we study this area extensively. you all have degenerative spinal problems, some may be associated with the biomechanics of your body, if you already have a full spinal xray, please go consult a chiropractor we are specifically trained in the movement and function of joints/nerves/muscles and how to help restore them. low back pain is one of the highest health problems in the world and many chiropractors have helped fix and reduce pain symptoms. for disc problems sometimes a traction/distraction table will help you bring the disc back in.everyone is different.

there are things you need to look out for you want in a chiropractor who will not just adjust your back you want one that thinks outside the box.

pain killers, are not your answer if you take alot of anti-inflammatory that will only work on muscles that have been inflamed, they are not designed to stop nerve pain and bulging discs, unless your on morphine.

normal back pain should be gone within 2 weeks, and if its still there go to a chiro asap, and dont just go for 3 sessions and leave after your fixed, chiropractic is not just about fixing the problem its about prevention of future problems and a relapse in your old problems.

all of your back pains are VERY SERIOUS, and you dont want to be old with this type of pain/condition, because from here on in degeneration of any of your joints will occur. this is a fact.

you have to consider these steps for helping your back...

1) chiropractor/acupuncture(a good chiro will work on you give you exercises and a rehabilitation program a bad one wont and if they cant help you they will refer you to the next steps depending on each individual
2) injections
3) surgery

one tip for middle age people and anyone, YOGA is one of the best forms of exercise as it uses every joint in the body, as you age you loose water from joints and intervertebral discs, it is important to never stop moving as you age . because if your 75 and decide to sit on a chair will stay there and it will take you a long time to recover and you will never be at your optimal range of motion.

anyway i hope you all find a cure for your back, chiropractic has given peoples eye sight back, it has made people hear again and fixed alot of back and joint problems. we are trained to do this for you, also do not be discourages by a young chiropractor they have been trained in diagnosis and treatment alot better then some older chiros who just crack you and then your gone..give it a go because if it doesnt kill you (which it wont) something else will Razz, you only live once..and you must live well.

best chiro i know is in perth , australia and his name is brian nook.sorry if your not in this country Smile
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replied March 25th, 2009
posterior disc protrusions at l4,l5tol5,s1
these apparent at l4,l5 causing thecal sac and bilateral neural foraminal encrosement.narrow canal dimension at l4, l5andl5,s1annular dics bulge seing at l2,l3.degenarative vertibral body changes,loss of lumbar lordosis.this is the MRIscanning report.can u give me the complications of this report
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