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Right Arm Moved by Itself

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Just some background. I have back problems. 3 bulging disc, one in lumbar, one in t spine, and one in c spine. I also have Raynauds and Degenerative Disc Disease. My symptoms are: legs tingling, pins and needles, legs on fire, legs numb, feeling like I have the flu every day, arm pain, hand pain, esp. right arm. Fingers buck in right hand like a horse at times.Tightness, stiffness in limbs,muscle weakness, Pain, Neck pain, headaches, slurred speech, memory and cognitive problems, fatigue, chronic pain, depression, heaviness in my legs at times, tremores, spasms, and twitches all thru my body including spasms in my stomach. etc.
My question is, I was trying to get my persian cat to play with me one day by moving my finger (right hand) back and forth. The cat didn't seem interested so I stopped. A few seconds later, my forearm swung back and forth by itself, same limb. I was truly stunned. I asked a Nuerosurgeon if my back could cause this, he said NO, with a worried look and suggested I get an MRI of the brain and see a Neuro. Anybody got any insight?
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