I am asking on behalf of my husband, 52 year old, approximately 160 pounds. He does a very physical job but is now off work due to severe pain that goes from his left scapular area around his side, under his left arm, into his chest area. He has had all kinds of medical testing none of which has shown anything. He went to a DO who told him his left 6th and 8th ribs were out of place both in the front and the back. He has manipulated the ribs back in twice but they keep coming out. He is having severe pain when he sneezes or coughs with sharp stabbing pains occasionally. Any ideas what can be done or who we can see to help with this problem? He does not take pain medications and he has tried patches of Lidocaine and Flexor with no relief. He has also tried taking Flexural with no relief. HELP!
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replied November 8th, 2009
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You may want to address this question to "Ask A Doctor" at the top of this page...They will probably be able to give you a more qualified answer then anyone else...

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