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rib hump & pain following spinal fusion surgery

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I had a spinal fusion surgery at Jefferson Hospital in 1983 from T5 to L3. clearly this was a long time ago. I did not have a rod put in, but had a rib-resection. I never had much problem with my back until I had a child. When she was a toddler, I developed dibilitating pain & was unable to move. I went to Rothman & was told that the surgery I had "never really took on" & is not performed. In the past decade, my hump has grown noticably bigger & is extremely painful. Now, it feels like my hump is attaching to my pelvis - that's the way it feels. I have constant pain that radiates down my leg to my toes, up my neck & down my arms. I wake up with numb arms & hands several times per night & find it hard to stand erect. I am a very active person & this is very difficult to manage. I have no insurance & am at a loss for what to do even if I did have it - I found it hard to find someone who would see me.

I don't know if there is any "action" that can be taken this long after the procedure if it was done incorrectly, poorly or was an experimental surgery. I don't want to sue anyone - I just want my life back. Six months in a body cast was enough to give away. I get regular massages to flatten the scar tissue & keep me flexible.
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