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I have question regarding rheumatic heart disorder. My sister ( Age : 35 ) is detected with damage of the heart walls ( valves) due to rheumatic heart fever in the childhood.
I am trying to figure oiut the best possible treatments for this, may it be surgerical or medication. Also what are the chances of it getting cured or what are possible involved riskes with this?
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replied October 9th, 2015
If she was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease there is permanent damage that is often treated by meds or surgery.

Damaged valves may lead to atrial fibrillation, infection and eventual heart failure.

Any infection can set off the chain of events leading to failure, so illnesses must be watched closely.

With RHD inflammation is followed with repair of tissue, which causes thickening, fusion, shortening which prevents the valves from closing properly and blood flows back which makes the heart work harder leading to more damage.
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