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Revising a scar after a total hip replacement

How do I revise a scar that I got after a total hip replacement. I worked out in the gym 7 days a week and had the most awesome body. Now my leg is disgusting. The scar is dented in and has like a fat pocket below the scar like a saddle bag. Is it possible to smooth or fill the scar in so the leg looks normal again.
Is one allowed to do squats and lunges after 6 months???
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replied June 10th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
You need to check with your surgeon about the lunges and squats. The prosthetic hip can become dislocated. A physical therapist could also give you some guidance in this area. This would require another surgery to get the hip back into place.

You can use vitamin E for the scar. Vitamin E will fade the scar dramatically. Massaging the scar and the surrounding area can help with the fat deposit. Use a massager on the area. This does help but it takes time so don't give up if you don't see results right away.
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