I have a cousin who is a senior in high school and has had no prior memory problems.

During wrestling practice he apparently became confused when his partner was telling him which move to do and my cousin kept responding "what move?" and then ultimately performed the wrong move.

His pupils then dilated and he immediately forgot who everyone was. He currently does not know who anyone is, except possibly his parents but even then, I don't really know. He may not know anyone at all but be just going along with things.

I am not in the same state as him so I can't see his symptoms for myself. Apparently he had taken no head injuries and none had shown up on a cat scan which was done.

This happened very recently and I'm just looking for any connection between the dilated pupils and memory loss. This means leaving out concussion as a cause of retrograde amnesia, because apparently he doesn't have one.
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replied January 7th, 2009
Just an update.

I've talked with him and basically he says he feels like he is in a foster home because he does not know his parents. He only knows them because they told him their name. To him, that is his only relation.

He told me that he knows his name only because he was told what it was. Including birth date and age.

Basically, he has no memories of anyone and does not know anyone. He recognizes cars and houses that he knew before the incident but not who owns them. Just a recognition of them. He seems to function clearly.

My main question though is this. What would have caused pupil dilation followed by the amnesia?

I can't find anything on it.
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