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Retaining urine

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My mom has been retaining her urine since late 07. She has been having to self catheterize herself. She has lower back pain and also abdominal pain as well. She has a problem with having the urge to pee but nothing will come out. X-rays a ultra sound has came back nothing to be wrong. Does anyone know anything about theses symptoms.
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replied March 20th, 2010
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Hi bsalter,

Has your mother been seen by a urologist? If not she needs to see one. Has she and any surgeries in 07? It sounds like there is a blockage for her having to self catheterize herself. I would certainly get a 2nd opnion,there is something wrong, wether the xray or ultra sound show it or not, keep pressing for an answer until you get the right one.

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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replied November 5th, 2010
Retaining Urine ......
I'm not a doctor. My personal suggestions would be to find a holistic MD. Also check out the med studies and see what cranberry does to fight urinary tract infections. There's a co. in WI called Standard Process that makes great supps (no I don't work for them) and many are made from organic foods and they dissolve well and are assimilated well. They have afew kidney support products. Just put the word kidney in the search box. I would think she needs to drink alot. Also a holistic MD should review any meds she's taking to see if any might cause an irritation in her renal system. Some people have allergies to a food or substance that can actually irritate the bladder. She could see an allergist just to make sure. I hope you find the answer for her. I pray alot about things. Smile Blessings, Ali
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