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Well, I went to the hospital on Monday morning and they finally did my surgery. The pain in my leg is gone, but the pain in my back is WAY WORSE NOW! Sometimes when I try to walk, as they told me to do, my legs just give out and I fall down.
Still nothing new on the medicine frontier. I have told them and told them again that the Lortab DO NOT WORK! THEY DO NOTHING!! What did they give me in the hospita....LORTAB! And 7.5 AT THAT!! And muscle relaxers, but there is nothing wrong withh my muscles! He did say in pre-op that he was going to prescribe Oxycontin, not sure on what milligram, but I know that they will relieve pain better than Lortab.
I have had 3 hours of sleep this past weeken and the the 2 hours for surgery and then maybe 2 last night, so I am tired and worn out for now. Thanks again for everybodys nice words.
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replied March 4th, 2008
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Hello Ashoverman,

I'm happy for you that the surgery is now overwith. Thank goodness the pain in your leg is gone.

However, most concerned that the pain in your back is now much worse. I hope that it is due mainly to the surgery.

So sorry to read that they are NOT listening to you. Most frustrating. There are way TOO MANY in the medical profession that just do not listen and "hear" what their patients are telling them. Seems like you need to give a few of them the "BOOT" regarding the Lortab bit.

Ashoverman, I hope that you will be able to get some more "sleep" hours in. Perhaps the doc could recommend an appropriate medication for you.

THANKS so very much for giving us your post-op update. The prayer E-mails to the good Lord are keeping Him busy.

Take care.

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