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Hey guys...

So basically, this year has been the only year that I've ever consumed alcohol at all. I'm currently 20, so I'm still quite young. Basically I'm extremely fit and active and I live a pretty healthy lifestyle etc. I eat very healthily and I gym roughly 4 times a week. Anyways, I know this is no excuse but this year I've found myself waking up with serious hangovers because of excessive drinking the night before. I've got drunk on several occasions this year in an attempt to escape some problems and issues that have been an on-going problem for quite awhile now. I know this was stupid and in no way resolved any issues, apart from feeling numb to these feelings and issues at the time. Basically, what my question is, even though I've got drunk several times this year and woken up with bad hangovers etc, if I just stop this now, will my body recuperate and repair itself enough to be extremely healthy again the way I always have been? I do plan on stopping this whole cycle. I don't do it often, perhaps maybe once a month (this year only) or there have been 1 or 2 months where I've done it twice or so. Basically, I just want to know if I haven't caused serious damage as such? I'm a very health conscious individual so I'm just a bit concerned about this. The drinking, when occurred, was intense to the point of only remembering a little bit of what happened the night before. I know this is silly, but I've never ever been a drinker and I suppose I just wanted to know what it's like. Honestly, I hate it, but running away from the problems temporarily felt amazing, although the next morning, they're still there, along with vomiting and headaches.

Okay well that's enough, I'm sure you catch my drift. I don't intend on drinking like this anymore, I've experienced it, I don't enjoy it and it sure isn't good for my system or anyone's system for that matter.

Any input would be great.

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replied September 14th, 2011
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Well, it depends on how much alcohol you drank on these occasions. Drinking every now and again isn't an issue. It's okay to have a beer or two or a couple glasses of wine every month. However, if you find that you're drinking say, 20 beers in one sitting, this COULD be potentially be doing damage. Alcohol mainly affects your liver. If you're really THAT worried about it, get checked out by a doctor. Also, since you say you only drank a lot every month or two, that's nothing compared to alcoholics, who drink pretty much daily or every other day. You should be fine, but like I said before, you can get checked out if you really wish to. It's okay to drink, but the next time you do, keep it in moderation and don't let yourself get so drunk, that you cause harm to yourself or others, or suffer from memory loss. That's when drinking can make you do horrible or even illegal things. Be smart and never drink and drive. Hope this helped and I hope you find a better and smarter way to handle your stress.
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