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Restricted/Limited Arm Movement, Weakness & loss of strenght

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Restricted Arm Movement

My father is 64 years old and is suffering from restricted, in fact, limited movement of the left arm. The arm is not bending and the strenght has detoriated a lot in the arm. It looks weak too as compared to the other arm. Kindly guide me what could be the problem and what kind of specialist I should be consulting?

Is it related to nerve disorder or related to muscle? Or some thing else.
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replied February 5th, 2013
Especially eHealthy

Without an examination, it is not really possible to know whether this is a nerve problem, a muscle problem, or a combination of the two.

Your father should first be seen by with primary care physician (PCP). His PCP will be able to do an examination, and then refer him to the appropriate specialist. If it is a nerve problem, he will need to be seen by a neurologist.

If it is a muscle problem, he will probably need to be seen by a physiatrist. A physiatrist is a specialist in PM&R - physical medicine and rehabilitation.

While he is waiting to be seen, he should maintain his range of motion and strength as best he can. Often, it is best to do this in a pool. The warmth of the water makes the tissue more pliable. The buoyancy makes the exercises easier. Also, it is very safe in the water, as he cannot fall down.

Good luck.
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