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Reoccuring Lump/Bump during Period

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Hey everyone..I really need help..advice and encouragement. I'm really depressed and I just don't think I can continue like this...I am really...really scared.

Almost every seems like I have some type of lump or bump around my vagina area (typically on the side outside my labia or on my bikini line). After my last period I decided I was going to try taking more baths than showers...and after a week it seemed like it made everything worse. I started feeling sore and itchy all over in my vaginal area without any bumps or other symptoms. I thought maybe I got a yeast infection but I can't figure out how being more clean could do this?

Now I'm on my period again and sure enough there is the same bump on the side and I'm starting to freak out. It's just one bump and it seems like its the same bump/boil that never fully goes away. When I first got this particular one I thought it was a boil because it swelled up so big..almost like a quarter for a day or two and then shrunk..I felt a little pus when it burst but no blood or crusting over. It shrunk down to a small almost non-existant lump and I could still feel it underneath the skin that my period is back it feels irritated again. I don't get it and I'm very scared.

I've had boils in the area since when I first began menstruation. I initially told my Mother and she said it was a boil and took me to the doctor to make sure as she used to get them down below as well. Now I just pay attention to my body more and I'm really freaking out.

I have never had any vaginal sex. I'm honestly scared of catching a disease so bad..that I'm in my twenties and have not had sexual intercourse. I decided I would wait for marriage or someone I was really serious with. I met someone a few years ago..we waited..we both got tested per my suggestion..and everything came back normal. I still wasn't ready for that step but we decided to practice oral sex. I keep thinking to myself..did I catch something from that encounter? Every time I google bump/lump down below..I see someone mention herpes and I honestly don't know what I would do if I had a STD. I thought I was being safe by waiting and getting tested before any sexual acts. I got tested after my oral sex encounter as well but everything was normal..I also didn't have any issues then either.

I don't have any other health problems other than a bad case of endometriosis..I bleed heavy and have severe cramps..but I think this is unrelated. I'm so scared to ask my Dr about this...I honestly..I don't know what I would do if it came down to me actually having something. I want kids..I want to get married...I don't know what encouragement I need..but I need something otherwise I will just..go into severe depression over this and it may be nothing.... Thanks
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replied January 5th, 2012
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Ignoring your doctor is not going to help one bit. And ignoring the problem is not going to make it one bit better. As a matter of fact, it may make it worse if it is a problem.

So see your doctor WHILE you have this lump/bump and make sure it is not something bad.

Best of luck!
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